Welcome to My Art Class Portal! I am so happy you are here! I am a Mixed-Media Artist and have created a catalog of classes to inspire and help creative souls of all ages tap into their muse through my fun and relaxed approach to art-making. I also offer Free Classes here to get started!

New to My Classes and Art?

Below are the main categories for my online classes. My newest classes are the Botanical Mandalas Masterclass Series, so I would highly recommend those! Lots to explore, so if you have any questions, please email me via my website here.

Try out My Free Classes!

My Free Classes include my Creative Library and Mandala Inspiration Class for my email Subscribers and also my book clubs when you purchase my books.

My Newest Classes!

Create Botanical Mandalas here. Join me to Combine the Healing Energy of nature with the Meditative Process of Mandala Creating. A series of Classes in Mixed-Media.

A Beginners Series

Browse my Beginner Mandala Classes here. These 3 classes will help you get started with Mandala making with introductions to different materials.

Sketchbook Classes

Browse my Sketchbook Classes here to help you cultivate a Nature Sketchbook/Botanical Journal Practice. A great way to dive into mini art -making and fun for every season!

Create Your Dream Life!

My Dream Life Classes here are perfect to Dream BIG, set goals journal and create art for visioning along the way to make it happen!

Dive into Color Energy!

My Color Classes here inspire you invite and explore color in all aspects of your life including Art and Creativity.